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I have a few questions about mining in the UK.
If I spent ~12k gbp / 16k usd on mining equipment (4 - 5 antminer S9), what kind of return would I get on them?
From what I can tell using online calculators: each ant miner has a minimum of 11.5 TH/S of hashing power @ 1127W.
Electricity price is approximately 20cents per hw/h (0.16gbp kw/h).
At current prices, this would net ~9k usd a year / 6.7k gbp per miner - so if bitcoin stagnates at this price for a year, you'd still get a return of ~3x on the cost of the unit?
Is the amount of btc you receive constant until the next halving in 2020? So at 11.5th/s you'd be expected to get 0.66 btc per year til 2020? Is anyone here successfully mining in the UK? Would it be worth waiting for the next iteration of the antminer series? Or perhaps its cheaper to purchase many old miners?
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Bitcoin mining profit calculator - YouTube

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